Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Iron Resiliency, Session 4: Social Network Conflict

Yeah because everyone's this friendly.
(And yes, this is a day late)

Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, you name it. They all get on our nerves at one time or another. And when is it really aggravating? When you're very compliant with your training goals.

Diet and exercise are intimately connected with your body. What you do to your body also reflects how you feel about it. If you're in poor shape and begin changing your habits or simply have an affinity towards taking care of yourself, that should always be commended.

Unfortunately, has there ever been an instance where someone commented, questioned, or remarked in a manner which was putting down your own efforts? It's not very encouraging when you're busting your behind.

Now, how do you handle this? What if it's occurred with more than one individual? Does it make you wrong? Are you truly wasting your time? Even more importantly, can you never change your body?


Ask yourself this, what do they know? The executive at Kodak once said digital cameras would never become popular. I wonder how that person became an executive. In the previous installment I said consistency is important in determining your success so shake off the negative Nancies.

Never thought I'd get
to use this image on the blog.

But obviously we can't avoid our loved ones that easily. A few strategies you can employ are:
  • Don't discuss that subject of your life with them. If they can't respect it, they definitely do not deserve to hear about it.
  • Talk to a friend who does understand you. Better yet, find an online forum community where members keep logs. Precision Nutrition's userbase has an entire section for everyone to detail their progress and encourage others. Bottom line: Find support.
  • Blow them away with your results. Actions speak louder than words. It may take time, but they'll keep quiet after they see you.
  • Speak to them about it. (More on this next week.)
What you shouldn't do:
  • Get into a pointless argument where you won't change their narrow-mindedness.
  • Admit defeat by accepting what they say as truth.
I believe social support isn't completely necessary when working toward your goals, but it goes a long way and is immensely helpful.

It doesn't have to be nor it shouldn't be difficult.

"First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
then they fight you, then you win.
" - Gandhi*

Four sessions down and two to go folks!

*This quote probably isn't appropriate with a picture like the one above.

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