Friday, February 18, 2011

The End of Six Weeks

He impressed everyone with his
abilities first, his physique second.

Why did I do this series?

I like to share information that can be applicable to anyone and that can be of use, especially if I'm able to adapt it to the world of fitness. My lab work presented such an opportunity.

I began lifting roughly five years ago. My goal was to optimize my gains as best I could by being as efficient as possible in the weight room. To learn what worked and what didn't involved a lot of experimentation, meaning new methods, exercises, and the like - anything to get better. I rarely compared myself to others around me or thought I would look awkward trying something different.

With regards to lifting, it hasn't been until the last year or so I've become more refined in my thinking process. The bulk of my years I was hardly strong nor knowledgeable on the topic, but still curious to try new methods.

During these past few years conversations about exercise with others would come up. Never have I had so many conversations where people felt insecure on a subject to the point of absurdity based on nonsensical fears instilled. A number of them waste time and end up feeling dejected and hopeless about their goals thinking it should be a torturous journey.

Women stick to their little corner away from any men using the paperweight dumbbells, guys quiver at other guys more muscular than them, while others are too scared to touch the weights at all and stick to their turtle-paced treadmill.

I have a different experience where I enjoy myself with weights, my body, and my performance achieving what I set out for. I enter the gym, enjoy my time lifting, and leave happy when it's all said and done. The only worry I ever have is "will I have to wait to use the squat rack today?"

I wish others the same. Goals are achievable and it doesn't have to be a horrendous experience.

"Research your own experiences for the truth, absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically your own." - Krishnamurti

Be your own person, be confident, and most importantly: be happy.

Lift like you mean it
and enjoy it.

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