Good Reads

Since I took up weightlifting I've read many articles. Many of those articles I would not recommend to someone else. Yes you read that correctly - I would NOT recommend them. Often there's an overlap of information when the topic's been written about more than once. Therefore I'll highlight articles that I think are unique.

Below you'll find the various training-related articles. It's a very small selection of what's available on the internet and not the end all-be all to training, but they're good articles.
10 Performance Training Tips

15 Secrets to a Bigger Bench Press

7 Olympic Lift Myths You Need to Know

A Joint-by-Joint Approach to Training

Chinese Weightlifting "System"

Cluster Training

Core Training for Smart Folks

Deadlift Diagnosis

Dissecting the Deadlift

Hardcore Lunge
"In Victory, Tighten Your Helmet!"
Mastering the Deadlift, parts I, II, & III  
Ownership of Training
Review of Popular 5x5 Programs

Single-Leg Supplements

The Top Seven Ways to F— Up in the Gym!

The Wave Loading Manifesto
(Updated 3/19/14)
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