Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Client's Review (This Made Me Happy)

I don't train many people. The individuals I do train see positives results but we work together anywhere from one month to four months. It's usually enough time to accomplish small goals and/or teach weightlifting basics.

The most recent person I had the pleasure to work with was my friend. We talk on the regular and during April he would tell me about his current exercise and diet. His progress eventually stalled and he wasn't happy. Rather than let him regress, I offered to help him with his exercise programming. I wrote the programs and demonstrated how to do basic exercises such as rows, deadlifts, squats, and presses.

That's how it went for three months. I'd ask questions about his workouts the day after as well as how he felt. If something didn't feel quite right, I'd explore it with him to troubleshoot it. I never monitored his training sessions outside the one weekly conditioning day in the program.

During mid-July, we decided everything would come to a close at the month's end. I asked if he would write a review for me to which he promptly replied,

"Total ass. That's complete."

With such a lovely response, I didn't think he was serious. Three weeks later, he sent me the following:
Start Date: 4/22/2013                     Starting Weight: 244
End Date: 7/30/2013                       End Weight: 234

Niel’s exercise regimen for our 3 month course was an overall positive experience. Each month had a specific role with the 1st month being introductory, 2nd month for building strength, and 3rd month for building volume. Although, I may have not lost all the “weight” I wanted to do by the end date, I will say that I am currently at the strongest physical state I have ever been in my life. I feel confident enough to say that the amount of weight I lost was mostly body fat. Unfortunately, I did not have a max session when I first started, but my max for bench, deadlifts, and squats are as follows:

Max Bench: 245 – Repped 135 at beginning – Now rep: 185
Max Deadlift: 315 – Repped 135 at beginning – Now rep: 205
Max Squat: 335 – Repped 135 at beginning – Now rep: 225
Max Push-Ups Before: 25 Now: 40 (I didn’t do push-ups while working with Niel)

Initially, I was skeptical of using Niel’s workout plan when I first took a look at the program. I have been working out prior to asking him for advice and just needed some simple guidelines as to what to do on certain days at the gym. So after taking a look at the program, I thought that the program was a bit weak and that the exercises I have been doing were much better than what he had offered me.

This introductory month looked like child’s play. He had lowered all the sets and the number of reps looked like a joke. But little did I know, there was a method to his madness. The first few weeks I did not follow his program as outlined and would do 10 repetitions for each exercise rather than what he had listed.

After having multiple “heated” conversations with Niel, I submitted and said that I will follow his every word until the end of workout. I was advised to stop the cardio sessions that I was having to mainly focus on the strength training at hand. I thought he was insane, but like I said he had a method to his madness. I was being stubborn and did not like what I had to do for the initial month because I felt I was taking a step backwards and wasting my time.

It wasn’t until our introductory month was over, that things finally started to pick up. The month of June has to be my most intense month ever in my life in terms of exercising. I was going to the gym 4 days a week and had 1 conditioning day at Niel’s house. So, I was working out 5 days a week which was something I requested for and felt really determined.

Within this month, magic happened. I thought the amount of times going to gym and the workout regimen itself would leave me feeling exhausted, but boy was I wrong. I was feeling amazing and stronger each day. This is the month where I really learned technique and form which greatly helped with increasing my weight every week. After completing the month of June, I was exhilarated. I went into the month of July feeling great.

The month of July was pretty much a breeze compared to last month’s regimen. However, the workout changed to focus on volume and the weight was largely increased with minimal reps. I finished this month feeling the strongest I have ever been in my life. When it came time for my max out sessions, I surpassed what I thought I was capable of and ended up doing more than I imagined.

I previously stated that when I finished my workout regimen with Niel that I am currently in my strongest, physical state that I have ever been. I would like to say that my mental state is also at the strongest it has ever been as well. To know that I could have completed such a workout and keep up with the regimen left me feeling ecstatic. You cannot imagine the amount of times I’ve tried sticking to a workout plan and being consistent with it.

Niel is a great person to work with and will fix a regimen that best suits your needs. If there is a specific exercise you do not like, let him know, and he will do his best to change it. Maybe he has an exercise listed in the program that is very inconvenient for you or you may not have access to at the gym. He definitely will help you find an alternative to the exercise. However, I do suggest giving all of his exercises a chance, even though you may not favor them. In the end, I fell in love with many of the exercise he provided and will now keep it in my regular routines.

Although he may have an “unorthodox” style to his training, it does work! You may be skeptical at first and that is exactly fine! Because if you are skeptical, I believe that truly means you care with what you are doing to your body and just want the best for yourself. Being skeptical will force you to do research and you will be surprised how much stuff out there is fake or a myth. Many people take other people’s words for specific exercises and techniques. This spreads like wildfire and soon becomes “truth” or “fact” for society. But a simple Google search will tell you how they are wrong. If you feel that Niel is steering you in the wrong direction and that he is crazy, I urge you to do some research and you will find that he may NOT be as crazy as he sounds. J
What a nice guy! When I read this the other morning, I was happy to learn he had such a positive experience.

Thank you my friend. Stay strong!
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