Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DOWNLOAD: Training Log Spreadsheet

*Explanation of the spreadsheet follows below but for immediate download, click here.*

After reviewing the training log I made for my friend, I thought it would be useful to share. I edited and made adjustments to the original draft to create a general template for logging workouts. If you understand Excel/spreadsheet basics this should be straightforward enough to modify for your preferences (if need be). Click the image and take a look,

General template has four tabs for following a four day routine.
Copy or delete tabs for the amount of days your program calls for.

Each day allows you to enter in the,

  • Exercises
  • Date
  • RPE (delete this column if you don't use it)
  • Sets
  • Reps
  • Intraset reps & weight for each exercise, and
  • Qualitative comments

All data needs to be filled in manually with the exception of the light yellow cells in the "Date" field. Entering the first one will autofill the others. I opted to leave each cell to be entered manually to make sure individuals track changes throughout their workout if they change weights or reps. Lastly, the spreadsheet goes up to 10 sets but if you usually do less than feel free to delete the extra columns. Do more than 10 sets? Highlight an entire column, copy, then paste it before the notes column. Here's an example of two completed days:

Having the tabs grouped by "Day" allows for easier reference to the previous week.
(BW = bodyweight; 20s = 20 seconds)

The last tab can be used as a guide for warming up to a 1-rep max test (previously outlined here). In the red shaded cell, enter the weight you would like to try for your first attempt. This will automatically calculate the preceding warm-up weights. If you notice, attempts after 100% haven't been prescribed percentages or loads. These should be determined based on the effort of the 100% attempt. An easy single can handle a larger increase in weight than a challenging single where a small jump in weight can be sufficient.

The formulas can be copied or deleted for however many exercises you want to test.

For this example I wrote in the powerlifting primary exercises.
If it were the snatch and clean & jerk, you would delete the 3rd exercise group.

Remember, use this as a guideline for how to approach a 1-rep max. Adjust the weight, number of warm-up sets, and rest based on how you feel. I listed 3 attempts so it loosely resembles powerlifting and weightlifting competitions where the individual has 3 tries for the lift.

If you missed the download link at the beginning, here it is again: SPREADSHEET DOWNLOAD.

For those who decide to download and use it, feedback for improvements is greatly welcomed. Enjoy!


  1. Fantastic spreadsheet ... thanks for sharing. Time to track my gains! ;)

    1. may i have this Training Log Spreadsheet for help my friend?the link is dead.

    2. I've updated the link. It should work now.


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