Individualized Training Services

*Available on Case-by-Case Basis, Email for More Information*

Specialty Areas & Types of Training Offered
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Gain
    Note: Because more food is consumed to fuel the muscle growth this will result in an increase in your weekly grocery expenses.
  • Athletic Improvement & General Preparedness for Sport
  • Movement Quality [better movement quality for daily living]
  • Powerlifting
  • Olympic Weightlifting Basics

Why Choose Me?

There's no answer I can give to that question. Look around the site, read my posts, and form your own opinion about me. A few salient points to consider are:
(1) I believe most individuals have less-than-stellar designed programs when it comes to strength training in comparison to their food and nutrition management. They see a few bodybuilding programs and create their own workout based on what they have read.
(2) Posts constitute a small portion of what I know. I utilize much more when training an individual and this encompasses details that I don't express on this site.
(3) I approach training from multiple levels. Age, goals, and lifestyle variables are taken into consideration to form the most suitable and effective plan. I emphasize what is most important and beneficial to the client.
Ultimately the choice is yours. If you have not read about my background please do so here before considering my services. Notice I am not certified, a professional of any sort, or employed by a fitness organization.


Price is most likely the deciding factor to whether you sign up or not. I charge $155 per month with a 3-month commitment period. To some this may appear expensive and a long time but I do know what I'm worth and how long it takes for results to take shape. Also note, three months is simply the starting phase.

Payment is done in the first week of every training block through Paypal. In regards to refunds, they must be examined on a case-by-case basis. If I've taken you on as a client when I should have realized my services were not compatible for you then that's my mistake.

If you have concerns about everything as you start and aren't comfortable, voice your worries to me and we'll discuss it. I'm a reasonable guy.

How I Work
  • My main go-to piece of equipment is the Olympic barbell with weight plates and a squat rack. Everything else is optional and complements it.
  • Training blocks are designed in 4-6 weeks duration - each block includes a dynamic warm-up, strength training sessions, and stretching.
  • I cover nutrition and supplementation, but I am not versed in specific diets such as ketogenics, carbohydrates manipulation, paleo, intermittent fasting, or others.
  • I will not work around an individual's current injuries - like a broken limb - or digestive maladies (celiac disease for example). In those instances I prefer you see a professional such as a physical therapist, orthopedic physician, registered dietitian, etc.
  • After a proper evaluation of your background if I feel I cannot help you I will not take you on as a client.
  • 100% Confidentiality
    Before and after pictures are required [see below] and add a visual dimension numbers cannot capture. I would very much like to, and appreciate, the permission to upload them here to display that this service is well worth it, but this isn't mandatory.

    Whatever information you share with me remains private. The only time I will break this agreement is if for some reason you pose a risk to yourself or others. Even then I will contact you first and bring it to your attention. But again, aside from that scenario whatever you tell me will be kept confidential.
The thing I can't give you is the necessary motivation and drive to reach your goals. I understand coaches motivate their athletes, but in my opinion you have to have that burning desire in yourself to want it first or nothing I say will matter.
Do I believe in you?
- Yes I do.
Will I help you?
- Of course.
Will it be difficult?
- At times it might be.
Are you going to go through this alone?
- No you won't. I'm here.
You need to believe in yourself and understand that whatever you decide you are capable of achieving. It takes time, effort, and consistency to get results.

What You'll Need To Do
  • Have PayPal.
  • Sign a waiver.
    • Take before and after pictures [including your face is optional].
    • Skype plus a webcam to communicate.
    • Video recordings of training sessions and pre- & post-program exercise tests. (This may sound like a lot, but an actual set is very short.)
    • DropBox to share and edit files. The link provided is a referral. Using it will increase the amount of storage space I'm given.
    • Fill out an application I provide you via email. This will determine if the service is appropriate for you and serve as the basis of your plan.
    • A short review of the experience.

      What You Get
      • Three or four individualized training blocks [programs] in the 3-month span.
      • A 30 minute to 1 hour introduction discussing your training background, goals, and other information you've given me in the application you're asked to complete.
      • At the end of every week we spend 30-45 minutes reviewing your training sessions - videos, your thoughts, and suggestions I may offer. (This is after I've reviewed them on my own time.)
      • Video demonstrations of every exercise. [Youtube account is necessary.]
      • E-mail support.
        If you're interested, and are serious, send me an email to request an application to complete. Or if you have general questions feel free to email me as well. I still take questions and such as explained in the Contact section.

        (Updated 6/9/16)
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