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Here you'll find a list of free online sites and such to use at your disposal. While this list isn't exhaustive of everything available and of everything I do utilize, they are the most visited and frequented by me. (For a list of articles I recommend reading, visit the "Good Reads" section.)

Also, this page will be updated from time-to-time with new finds I feel that should be included here for the sake of their importance and usefulness. If you feel like there's something I should add to this page or if there's a broken link, then by all means contact me.


Exercise video demonstrations by:

These Youtube pages are full of videos to see how to perform certain exercises. I should also mention that exercise names may differ between each page.

Other Good Sites to Visit
All Things Gym: Gregor posts many finds from all over the internet. There's a ton of content related to various types of weightlifting.

Boris Bachmann: Boris knows how to deliver quality content and consistently gives food for thought. Be sure to check out his Youtube channel on squatting here.

Brian Reddy: He manages to look at topics in a new way that makes for interesting reading
Brooks Kubick: The original Dino provides training tips, personal anecdotes, and history of the iron game. He keeps things simple and is living proof that the basics are the best. [Main Site]
Carmen Bott: Carmen provides thorough science to explain training and preparation for sport.
Carter Schoffer: He has an extensive background in program design and nutrition and has been personally very helpful enlightening me on program design.
Dave Draper Iron Online: Great website full of articles and a friendly forum.
Eric Cressey: Physio-based approach; I'm a fan of his lower-body and shoulder articles.

First Pull
: Jean-Patrick writes about all topics on Olympic weightlifting and does an excellent job bringing the information together.

Freelap: Articles on sports training - particularly track - and related topics

Greenwood Weightlifting: Many excellent weightlifting articles
Gubernatrix: Aside from Carmen, Sally [aka Gubes] is the only other woman on this list. She has a diverse background in powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and strongwoman training.

HMMR Media: Great discussion from a variety of coaches on sports training and track & field.
James Krieger: Posts that are free cover nutrition hot topics, such as artificial sweeteners, the book "Good Calories, Bad Calories," and more.
Jamie Lewis: He breaks the monotony of reading similar material everyone else writes about with different training methods and topics. His well-researched articles will show you the true amount of work necessary for success. [Not safe for work or home]

John Cissik: John looks at sports studies and their relation to training athletic qualities.

Lift Hard: Kirksman brings a unique perspective on Olympic Weightlifting. He's been trained by coaches of various nations and knows the sport very well. He aims to extend his knowledge and improve how individuals train for the sport of weightlifting.
Mike Robertson: Also physio-based approach compared to others; articles appear either powerlifting-influenced or on prehab/rehab.
Precision Nutrition [registration link]: Thoroughly answers many beginner questions on nutrition and provides further in-depth discussion on topics. Registration is required, but free to access the majority of content. You can view forum members' questions I've answered here.

SimpliFaster: Similar to Freelap

Sportivny Press: Reviews major weightlifting competitions, technique, and sells many of the translated Soviet Union books about weightlifting.

Takano Athletics: He's an experienced weightlifting coach who regularly discusses the various aspects of the sport from exercises to what's going on at the US or international level. The main site [second link] has many free resources for weightlifters.
The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban: Regularly posts articles from old time lifters. One of my favorite websites.

The Training Geek: Lester simplifies weightlifting and focuses on the essentials for better performance.

Weightlifting Forums: Forums dedicated to Olympic Weightlifting

Weightlifting Mindset: Good analysis of strategy and competitive weightlifting

Yasha Kahn: Discussion of preparation for weightlifters.
The above individuals and resources are some of the best and I'd say it's more than enough help for most people. While there are many links, browse and select a few to follow that interest you.

Additionally, feel free to check out my blog list for other sites that you may find helpful.

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