Monday, February 8, 2010

Don't take it for granted

This bad boy.
Or girl?...thing?

The human body of course.

I believe most people are under the assumption the human body is weaker than it really is.


The body is quick to adapt, is stronger than we know, and more efficient than any machine.
Such as,
  • The human heart beats 1.9 billion times by the age of 50 (average 72 beats per minute x 60 mins. x 24 hours x 365 days x 50). My high school physics teacher told our class how enduring the human heart is and there isn't a machine to date that can replace it's efficiency.
  • Get a spoon and put peanut butter on it. Now, try washing it clean with your hands and water. Not easy huh? Now use your tongue. Tasty? Yes I know, but also not too shabby to clean with. And no soap needed! Your tongue is more abrasive than a sponge. Cool? Very.
  • Shoes, yuck. Nowadays, shoes have way too much support than what is necessary. Go back a couple hundred years and see what they were wearing. Probably the bare essential, only something that offers protection for the bottom of the foot and that's all. I bet they didn't have shin splits, sprained ankles, or bad knees. Honestly, you don't wear bulky gloves on your hands all day, so why restrain your feet which have just as important fine motor movement functions? Absurd I say!
  • Movement. What of it? It's functions in an X-fashion, meaning when your leg foot takes a step forward while you're walking or running, your right hand will swing forward. Go sprint and try not allowing that to happen. It's tough and awkward. Even in the most basic movement - crawling - this fashion of movement is present. (I crawled on the floor to make sure)
Only a few examples, but I think they're great ways to think about the body.

It's not some flimsy squishy bag of bones. Rather, it's a vehicle of amazing potential.

But, it comes down to how you want to treat it and use it.

Will you use it for it's most simplest purposes?

Or, will you use it to achieve great and wonderful things?

The choice is yours.

It always is and it always will be.

Alright, it's not that good.
But who knows, keep at it!


  1. i think eventually there'll be a machine capable of reproducing the heart's efficiency.

    but i totally agree with you, the human body is definitely capable of some amazing things

  2. Amazing things like trying to stay awake as long as possible, even if it means skipping class?

    True that Sean.

  3. I think about this sometimes too. Your heart works from way before you're brought into the world and it works every moment of your life. I wonder why some people abuse the body that keeps them alive.

    Great post. =)

  4. Thanks Kim.

    The heart's awesome, even when sick, ha!

  5. That is so true. The human body is amazing.

    That little baby is too cute!

  6. That baby must be really hungry to start gnawing away like that.

    Thanks Kristin!


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