Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sculpting the body you want

The Thinker...er, thinking.

How's it done? Most times I joke around and say steroids, but how do we really get the body we want? You know, the one you want to flaunt around at a party or on the beach.

It's common knowledge that having too much body fat hinders "le sex appeal" as the French would say...or at least how I envision Pepé Le Pew in my head.

Suave is his middle name.

Lose the fat, look good. Got it.

However, that's only one part of the equation. Say a person does get rid of a lot of fat, but they didn't build any muscle. What do you get? A skeleton on the extreme end, but more so a lack of curves. Such as,

Where the booty at?!

Yes she is attractive, but I don't like to snap my ladies in half when I hug them. (or do I? Kidding.)

No curves means no muscles. It's great to have low body fat, but building up the proper muscles shouldn't be neglected. (Need a start? Look here)

If you're going to work you ass off to look good, do it right.

Rachel Mclish: Plenty of curves and
strong enough to tear my penis off.


  1. Do boys ever cry when they strength train?

    I started Core Fusion (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_nyixwmd4U&feature=related) and I hissed out "Holy shit!" more than a schoolmarm's worst nightmare. I was talking to a blog friend and she takes the class in person so instead of cursing, she sometimes cries.

    Is this just an XX chromosome thing?

  2. ...schoolmarm? Your vocabulary eludes my brain capacity Kim.

    I don't cry cause I'm too manly for that. I just get wobbly and bum around until I have enough energy again to do something.

    But, I wouldn't be surprised if some guys cry for pushing their limits...or dropping a weight too heavy for them on themselves.

    Scale back the intensity if anything Kim, baby steps before you can sprint!


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