Monday, April 19, 2010

Above Exercise: Beyond what you see

Besides the obvious enormous rumps.

If you take the time to look at a person's words, actions, and personality in their approach to exercise, you can learn a lot. Some details are universal, some vary across the board.

What have I come across? How about:
  • People feel uncomfortable when they exercise. They need to start with the little things before moving on to bigger changes.
  • The same feeling is met when they have to trust someone - a personal trainer for example - and even more so when having to try new exercises, which forces them out of their comfort zone. Anxiety is normal, but it shouldn't control everything. If fear was the dominant feeling, how much would a person miss out on in life?
  • When they do take action immediate gratification is expected, or at least sooner than is realistic. Results are seen after persistent and consistent actions have been done.
  • Trust and results are hard to create when there are preconceived notions already established in the mind. Knock'em down and move onward. You'll be surprised at what you'll learn and experience in the process.
  • What amount of effort is a person willing to put in? Will they be attentive and listen? Will they ask questions out of curiosity rather than suspicion? Are they willing to learn more to understand why they're doing what they do?
These are all important aspects to consider. Why though?

It's a waste of time otherwise. It's a pursuit for failure.

Exercising is more than moving around to accomplish a goal. The goal is only achievable if there are no barriers in front of it.

It's above and beyond what you do in the gym.

Think first, move later.

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