Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Olympic Lift Start Position

Couldn't clean the images up entirely.
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In the Olympic weightlifting series I posted a Youtube video that showed elite lifters snatching in slow motion. Unfortunately the original user has recently removed the video. However I got lucky and was able to take a few snapshots. Take a look at the lifters above and notice they have a similar set-up.

Outlined are the angles of the spine, femurs, shins, arms, as well as the locations of the shoulders, hips, and knees (the circles). Some interesting points:
  • The knees are over the toes.
  • The hips are slightly higher than the knees.
  • The shoulders are over the bar.
Different body types lead to variations here and there, but you can see they're all positioned more-or-less the same.

Unless you're pulling frog stance, your set-up will resemble the pictured lifters.

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  1. This is where people will get into trouble if they think the first pull is a deadlift.

    Sure there is a "clean grip deadlift" variation that resembles the first pull, but the true, higher hips, vertical shin deadlift is a very different movement - something that I think people new to weightlifting should be aware of.

  2. Nick I agree. Someone new to the lifts should understand the difference between the first pull and a deadlift. They'll "get it" much better and excel faster in progress.

    Believe it or not, I wasn't taught about the lower hips in my initial instruction. It was a while until another coach cleaned up my set-up improving my pull.

  3. That's a bad reflection of your initial teacher's education.

  4. Possibly. He was a CSCS and USAW certified but his full time job wasn't a coach. He worked at a rehabilitation center and instructed the Olympic lifts through the university on the side. We only met once.

    The second coach also had a regular 9-5 job and oversaw the weightlifting club in his off schedule. He wasn't an official coach for the club either.


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