Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exercising Around Injury

When I browse forums, every now and then users tend to ask similar questions. The most popular question is "How do I lose fat or bulk up?" but the other is "I injured so and so, how do I continue exercising?"

The answer: You don't continue to exercise. If a person's sustained an injury where the only remedy is rest then you should rest!

It's hardly rocket science or the most profound advice, but it's pretty damn important. I find it odd when someone attempts to tip toe around their injury to still exercise.

No one likes to not exercise nor does anyone like to be told not to exercise. You run the risk of worsening your current injury if you try to exercise.

Some exercises can be done pain free, but why bother? Is it so bad to take time off? Are you that addicted to your routine? Will you suddenly gain 100 lbs? Will you become so weak you won't be able to rebuild your strength?
Probably not.


  1. I agree for the most part. Especially if it's something acute like a broken foot. If I were a meaner person I might snark "Ha, you're just panicking over not being about to eat 3,500 calories anymore!" There's no reason anyone has to get fat or even -that- out of shape from an injury. Gentle walking keeps Europeans pretty slim and decent looking.

    At the same time, I think one can still find ways to work out around longer-term things like, say, shoulder surgery that demands no direct lifting for 6 months. That's what I'd do, but I wouldn't be working on PRs or anything.

    But it's usually boneheads who are desperate to work out and can't grasp that if you're working with an injury you need to scale things back. So I guess for those it can be better to just shut them up entirely, as they'll probably do something stupid. No, I am not talking about stuff I've witnessed at my frat-boy-filled gym at all ;-).

  2. I definitely agree to find alternative forms of exercise for chronic pain and injuries. It's individuals who don't deviate from their current plan that it becomes a problem - scaling it back as you mentioned.

    Actually, I was that bonehead back in October squatting with an inflamed knee! But I've learned since then. Also Mimi, I raise you my school's guido fist pumping Jersey shore-wannabe broz. Top that!


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