Friday, December 23, 2011

Exercise for Two

Milo used plenty of stuff for resistance.

Lack of equipment doesn't have to limit a workout. The body can be used to apply manual resistance in a number of ways. Typically isometrics or bodyweight exercises are frequently used when it comes to body only work, but having a partner can expand your options.

While it's fun to compete against a friend to see who lifts heavier or does more reps, the workout can be made more competitive. Here are a few ideas.
  • Tug of War
    - Grab a rolled up towel and start pulling. To tax the grip and forearms more, put a towel within a towel (towel-ception?) to make it thicker.
  • Push or Be Pushed
    - Sort of a prowler sled substitute, attempt to drive your partner back.
    - The flip side of this, don't let your partner move you. Stand your ground as best as you can.
  • Carries
    - Either toss the other person on your back, carry them in your arms, or over one shoulder then walk for a set time or distance.
  • Perturbations
    - Have one person do an exercise as the other person throws off their balance and coordination. This can be done in the form of small pushes around the body (for example strikes during a pull-up) or one continuous effort (pressing down on the low back in a plank).
    - The person doing the exercise can shut their eyes to make the strikes more unexpected.
The more creative you are the more exercises you can do, like partner deadlifts. Also be sure you have ample space to perform these. It's a great way to spend a little time this holiday weekend rather than do the usual gym routine. And above all else it's fun to do. When's the last time you did tug of war?

Happy holidays/Merry Christmas and have a good weekend everyone!

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