Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sight Beyond Sight

Can't go wrong with Thundercats.

When taking in information everyone tends to remember the main points. However the ability to observe the most subtle details is a great asset.

"Focus on the big picture."

It's a popular saying, but instead you should try to understand everything. In doing so you can think on a more complex level to piece together various information. This provides clarity and sheds light on a situation.

When two people recount an experience they will have slight variations or notice different elements - something that didn't register to the other person. Also one person being bias for whatever reason can change how the situation is perceived. But by being more aware of the present situation and seeing things as they are, instead of one's own beliefs, you can develop more than the "bigger picture."

Phrases such as thinking outside the box or see the forest not the trees similarly attempt to do the same: forgo the minor details for the major ones.

When creating your exercise and diet regimen, don't forgo the little things like how you feel, attention to pain, utilization of time, interaction with family & friends, and other aspects of your life.

Instead focus on the full picture.


  1. Its easy to get caught up in the little aspects. Stick to the main focus! Great post.

    P.S. Liono is the man

  2. Thanks Dan - the little aspects turn into big results! And Lion-O is beast indeed.


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