Friday, June 11, 2010

Thinking Outside The Gym

"Hey Jim, what's a gym?"
"Beats me Bob. A new club?"

This post is for my buddy Sean Scott.

A few months ago he commented on one of my posts saying,

"Your next post should be for people who don't go to
the gym but still want to do me!"

True that Sean.

Some people don't like going to the gym for plenty of reasons, such as
  • Not knowing what to do when they get there.
  • Not seeing results.
  • Not having fun/don't enjoy it.
  • Uncomfortable about their physique.
  • Something else altogether.
Whatever the reason, it's understandable. Now don't get me wrong, the gym shouldn't be avoided like my schoolwork. A good gym can be fun and is worth venturing to every once in a while.

If you're not hitting the gym up and have very specific goals - squatting X amount of weight for example - then it becomes a bit trickier, but not impossible.

First there's always setting up your own home gym which costs a ton, but is a long-term investment. Likewise you can buy a TRX suspension training system but that's pricey as well. Alternatively you can make your own for $35 as seen in this video. You can see a review/explanations of them here.

Moving along, then there are furniture gliders/sliders you can play around with on carpet as Ross demonstrates (original article here).

Note to everyone: Ross is a bad ass.

And who can forget the oh so popular exercise bands? Also costs a bit, but they're light weight and easy for on the go. Check out any site like EliteFTS and Perform Better for those interested.

Besides that, a solid heavy dumbbell goes a long way. You can do shoulder presses, chest presses, curls, tricep extensions, squats, swings, single-leg deadlifts, lunges, shot put it, and much more. You're only limited by your creativity.

OK, let's get rid of equipment altogether. Now what?

You still have your body. You can do vertical jumps, single-leg verticals, broad/long jumps, push-ups (against an incline if the floor version is too difficult), sprints, uphill running, burpees, planks, squats, and many exercises that are done with a barbell or dumbbell.

The squat can be done with or without resistance. It's still a squat. Slow down the pace, speed it up, increase the reps, but above all else, manipulate it to make it challenging.

Think the world is your gym.

I always attempt to lift boulders and massive rocks I pass by, none of which I've lifted yet, but it's awesome. You can even put a car in neutral and push it around for a workout (you need someone else handling the brakes while you push).

But my favorite? It's doing stuff with other people.

I love playing sports with everyone else. If you can get a bunch of people together to play volleyball, ultimate frisbee, mess around at a jungle gym, etc., then it's tons of fun.

See if you can find a sport that no one really plays that often and run with it. Chances are everyone's going to suck, but it's still going to be a challenge to play decent and no one will be that much better than anyone else.

Sports promote athletic abilities and they're a great way to stay in shape.

Obviously you won't become a bodybuilder or champion strongman, but isn't it more fun? You should enjoy what you're doing.

Never think exercise and fitness is only confined to the gym.

On the contrary, it's everywhere.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Never become this Sean.
That includes all that hair.

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