Friday, March 26, 2010

How ya feeling?

Or the lack of feeling?

A thousand apologies to my readers (assuming I have any). I know I haven't updated in the last 2 weeks, but well, I've been a bum. It happens. Additionally, most recent posts have been on the less than useful side so I'll change that.

That's beginning with this post and hopefully more next week. I've recently noticed I assume everybody knows certain simple concepts and notions, but in reality they don't. You'll see what I'm talking about in the weeks to come.

I had a big "duh" moment 2 weekends ago. I completely forgot not everyone connects what they eat with how they feel.

Ack! I wanted to slam my head through a wall for missing something so obvious. This is true from children to adults. Food is taken for granted and we don't see it as the fuel for our bodies.

Remember the saying "you are what you eat?" All the dumb jokes aside - like you're nuts if you eat nuts - it's true.

Anyone familiar with Super Size Me? Excess of processed foods left Morgan Spurlock feeling horrible. While none of us consume McDonald's for 3 meals a day - I hope not - it still shows how food can affect mood.

Analogy? Sure thing.

Say you have a car that needs to get going as efficiently as possible. Would you fill it with the cheapest low-grade fuel there is? Or would you want it up and running like the fine machine it is using quality gasoline?

If it's not fueled properly (your body) then it won't run well. If it's operating poorly, who would be happy with that? People get frustrated by a slow computer, so imagine how your body is making you feel.

Quality foods contribute to better health. Vegetables, lean meats, nuts, seeds, fruits, you know what I'm talking about, the good stuff.

Eat good, eat happy.

Someone's sad for a banana.


  1. awesome post man on springbreak I ate like shit and guess what? I felt like it too... now im trying out the caveman/paleo diet and I feel awesome "you are what you eat"

  2. It's a bad crash with too much junk food and that just makes it a struggle to do other things. No idea how some people eat like that regularly.

    You should definitely write how the diet's going along with your new training.

  3. It's okay Niel, if you died, I'd find out via FB and tell everyone.

    You should check out this documentary called Super Slim Me. You can find all the parts on YouTube. It's seriously ridiculously interesting (to me at least, maybe not so much for you as you have a Y chromosome).

  4. Thanks for doing the public service announcement Kim. There are a ridiculous amount of food documentaries after this one and it's awesome. I haven't checked that one out, but I will.

    And the Y chromosome is the best chromosome.


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