Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keeping sane

It's a trap! An oh so delicious trap!

So last night, I head through the kitchen to get my stretch on at the pull-up bar. Passing by the kitchen table, I see a bowl of chips (as if someone were trying to set me up!), and oddly enough, I instinctively reached for it.

"What am I doing?"

That's what I was thinking as my hand paused midair. I wasn't hungry or the least bit interested in how they tasted, but I reached for them.

I know I harp on junk food a lot and it's probably annoying at times, but I'm not saying never eat any of it. Go for it sometimes, it won't kill you once in a while.

But, here's the trick.

It's about when you decide to eat it.

My view? Cut loose a little for special occasions or when having a meal with other people.

One to two times a week is fine for most of us. It doesn't mean you go nuts and eat as if it were your last meal. You really don't need to guzzle down a bunch of soda, about 3 entrees worth of food, and a dessert. Use a little discretion and besides, it's not like it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Hardly. There are plenty of other times you can eat what you want in the future.

If you're eating by yourself, keep your gut in check. Why eat unhealthy when you're alone? You know you can do that any time you want. With friends or family, it's nice to relax and enjoy the foods they're eating.

After all, the best food of all, is the food of friendship. (lame, I know)

I'm in college, so most of the time I'm either eating by myself or with a few other people. I still eat healthy, but when something like a person's birthday rolls around, hey I'm all for eating a little of this, a little of that.

After all, it's only once in a while. A couple of days in a year, big deal. The other 300 and something, I'm doing pretty good.

Take for example, this past weekend. It was my friend's birthday and I didn't mind eating some pizza and chips. It was fine, I didn't eat any other junk the entire week or two before that night.

I'm sure you get the idea.

Eat clean for the most part, but don't be afraid kick back a little for the special moments in life.

It'll keep you sane.


  1. Great thinking! A little treat now and then is what life's about. I also tell people, don't indulge if it isn't REALLY worth it. Someone offer you stale cookies or crappy cake that isn't very yummy? Don't eat it! Save the calories for when something truly delicious comes around. If I'm going to eat chocolate, for example, I'm going to get the most tasty, high quality stuff, not some dollar store chocolate easter bunny thats been there for a year and half. :)

    Keep on!

  2. You've definitely got to indulge (smartly) every once in awhile. My hard & fast rule though, is no mignight munchies of the horrible take-out/junk kind. I've been tempted, by one too many roommates, after a long night out to order greasy Chinese food...but if I'm starving, I'm that weirdo that eats cereal before passing out at 4am.

  3. Georgie, definitely. If people don't have a bit of leniency, they might just crash & binge after a stressful day. It's great people want to stay on track, but being too harsh on themselves is another thing, especially if it makes them miserable.

    Archana, it's so easy to eat whatever's around when you're with other people. We all love to do what's most convenient at the moment. Who really wants to prepare something late night? (not me)

    It's good to be the positive influence with others. Not solely to food, but other parts of life like responsible money managing, hygiene, tidiness, etc.

    Thanks for the comments ladies, appreciate you both stopping by! :)


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