Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hand Pressure in the Bench Press

When it comes to an exercise, hands tend to take the back seat and are out of mind.  Often an individual focuses more on the muscle tension throughout the set. I've written about gripping before, however it can be more specific than that.

You can give attention to the bar pressure in your hands. In the bench press, I've found it to be in the following areas in red below:

If you've positioned the bar at the bottom of your hands near the wrist, these red areas are more or less where you can get a feel for the bar pressing into your palms. While I titled this post with bench press, this isn't exclusive to that movement. Most horizontal pressing exercises have the same feeling such as the push-up for example.

Test it out, see how it feels, and if necessary, adjust however you see to fit for yourself.

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