Sunday, May 15, 2011

Refinement of the Way

Character for "the Dao/Way."

The past few weeks I've been lax with my approach to training and writing. I usual follow a set routine, but instead I did everything on the fly.

I didn't do this out of laziness to plan. That's actually further from the truth. Rather, I've noticed the most elite and exceptional individuals did what was best for themselves. In their own realm they were above and beyond everyone else, such as Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee, and Jack LaLanne to name a few.

That's the distinguishing factor. The greats do their own thing and create their own individualized methodology. It's their own formulated system which works best for their own body. Within training and life, it takes a great deal of experimentation to find it. To find that special thing isn't easy.

Daoism calls it "the Dao," or "the Way" when translated into English. The name itself isn't important. What is important is that when it's found, you'll find yourself dedicated to it with a strong passion and as a result work won't feel like work. It will be your livelihood.

And that's what I'm in search for as I attend graduation this morning. To find my own Way: to develop and refine it in life.

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucius


  1. True, true words. It's similar in journalism -- different writers have different ways of getting stuff done, but if the writer is a highly-paid journalist with tons of street cred, his or her way works, even if it seems bonkers. Like the types who seem to wait until the 11th hour then fly into Super Sayan action and turn in brilliant work, whereas rising journalists who spend days carefully putting together a story turn in inferior work.

  2. Mimi I hope you fall under the category of "carefully putting together + brilliant work." :)


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