Monday, November 8, 2010


It's the 2008 Olympics race for the gold medal between China's Lu Yong and Belarus's Andrei Rybakou. Andrei Rybakou takes the lead by successfully lifting more in the snatch during the first portion of the competition.

See how the rest unfolds:

I come across many videos I enjoy, however none as much as this.

It serves as a tiny sneak peek into the next multi-part series I'll be doing for 2011 - the title may be a clue. While the actual series has not been officially named nor have I developed the exact format, there will be a formal introduction to explain it all in due time.

If you liked the last one, then this will be of similar quality or possibly even better.

Stay tuned folks.


  1. Awesome vid! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It's quickly become a favorite of mine!

  3. That vid is badass!

    Hehe, funny you mention the boxer comment -- one friend who knows I like to work out asked if I'd hit myself in the face with a weight.

  4. I've hit myself in the face while working out, but haven't become swollen yet!

  5. I always end up hitting my nose when I do CNJ's. It's frustrating.

  6. I've skimmed my crotch with the bar during cleans.

    More painful than frustrating.


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