Friday, September 17, 2010

The Mind Expounded

We all have those days.

Tuesday's quote was short, but stresses an important point. Let's examine the last line of it,
"Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind for they are the weeds that strangle confidence."
Where do negative thoughts originate from? Either poor performance/results or, unfortunately, other people.

I think one of the greatest challenges presented to many of us who find a comfort in a healthy lifestyle is at the juncture where we butt heads with everyone. Friends, family, or someone else: people quickly shun away from fitness. If not that, they sure seem to be a qualified expert for someone who reads and/or does little.

It finally hit me this week. Often I've been told you need to be friendly to clients or you won't make it in the industry. From professors, to working with random students, young kids, you name it, I've always had a pleasant demeanor where we've at least got along.

But, that quickly disappears if we bring up anything related to training or diet. I'm not quite sure what the exact reasoning is, but it does happen.

I recall in a recent FitCast episode, Kevin spoke about how Dave Tate explained he would go to a restaurant with friends. They all order their entrees then when it was Dave's turn, he asked the server for grilled chicken. His friends would change the conversation and get on his case.

That's a perfect example of what many of us deal with.

And you know what? The most popular post to date is the one where everyone said they experience the same situations.

So I'll say it again.

Have a little faith in yourself. You're not alone.

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Quoted for truth!

    I think everyone needs to look at a post like this every now and then. I can't count the number of times I've butted heads with my mom over stuff to do with health.

    It's dad eats tons of cheeseburgers, chooses to walk a lot over working out, but is in fine health, largely because he never eats refined sugar (Type 1 diabetic). Of all my relatives, he doesn't friggin' care what I eat or how much I work out, as long as I'm clearly happy with where I'm going. He's also the one member of the family who doesn't bitch about "being overweight but not being able to lose anything" and could care less about whatever new Oprah/Dr. Oz theory has come out.

    I wish more people were confident enough in their lifestyles to not feel the need to harp on others.

  2. "...being overweight but not being able to lose anything..."

    Oh I detest that. Often enough, there usually aren't any results because the person doesn't change a single thing to see if they get different results. It shouldn't be something to be so fearful about that it cause anxiety.

    The mentality of living a quality lifestyle is a conundrum in itself. Everyone knows it's essential for leading a better life, but they view it as wrong? bad? weird?

    It's normal.


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