Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick Fixes: Purses

Let's start with a story. Back in elementary school, I was sent to my pediatrician after a scoliosis check. I didn't have scoliosis (luckily), but my doctor asked how I wore my backpack. Of course, I had it slinging on 1 shoulder like all the other cool kids. What I didn't know was of the muscle imbalance I was creating. He said all I had to do was wear my backpack normally, easy enough to do.

That was years ago. But, I see women nowadays with gargantuan-looking purses like they're trying to rob a bank. It's fine to a certain extent, but I also see they carry
a lot of things with them. I once remember my friend coming by my dorm and inside her purse was a laptop, bagel, notebook, pens, a spare tire, toaster, fish tank, etc. (maybe not the last few). That's simply way too much to be carrying all at once, especially when the load is not evenly distributed on your upper body.

Huge purse, suspect in 8 bank robberies.

So how do we fix this? Easiest way is to lessen the amount of items you have or do some type of resistance/weight training. The latter option makes you strong. Your muscles become able to handle the weight being applied to one side. Don't like the idea of lifting weights? Well, either way, if you want to have kids, how are you going to hold a crying baby in the future? Can't make that baby weigh any less no matter how many diapers you go through. In fact, they only get bigger, and uglier in the teenage years.

This post isn't just for women; it also applies to the one-strap bags men wear. Keep your body in good shape, it's not hard doing a change here, a change there.


  1. Dear Mr. Patel,

    enchilada- package or group of something, ex. "Damn son... she went down on me and gave me the whole enchilada!" , but nah for real its a mexican dish thats similar to a burrito except it contains sauce and cheese on top of it.

    I am currently trying to increase my chest muscle mass/increase my bench press weight, but I am stuck at 115lbs. I have found pushups to be far more effective in working out my chest ( i feel the tightness and feel of accomplisment afterwards) but my bench press weight stays the same nonetheless and feels useless. I am currently trying to workout my triceps more to see maybe that would help.

    What should I DO?!

  2. Haha really enjoyed this post. Love the bit about the toaster in the bag. :P I can't deny that I've had my moments walking around with an over-sized bag filled with one too many things. But I've definitely cut back on that - at least on how much I carry in the bag.

    Glad I bumped into your blog, going to have a look at previous posts. :)

  3. Gaurav, steroids.

    Archana, glad you enjoyed the post! Always happy if someone takes the time to read come by & read. The filled purses only become dangerous when a girl does a quick turn, knocking someone out in the process. I remember a time when I had food hit out of my hand. :\

  4. Haha, I love this post. My purse is pretty heavy now that I think of it. I should probably take my armored car out of there...

  5. Kim, you must be extremely diesel on one side of your body, haha.

    Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the post!


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